New Year Special

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.


Oh, I am late you say!?

Now since al the glitz and glam is suddenly gone, New Year drama is also gone.

How many wishes did you receive on 1st January? Probably majority of your contacts at least would have texted you and wished you a Happy New Year. But what happens on 2nd January?  Well, nobody ever talks about what happens on 2nd January.

We are back to routine lives, usual stuff, back to normalcy. No glitz. No glam. No phone calls. No texts.

People only wish them on 1st January and never on the next day. They wish you well on occasions and are never there for the rest of the year. Friends/ acquaintances/ relatives and strangers all come forward with the choicest of words and wish you a grandeur year ahead. Where do these people disappear in the coming days? Maybe we only live for the occasion. We all wait for the clock to strike 12 and then suddenly you are flooded with wishes. The excitement suddenly fades off by afternoon. This year, let’s not only live for those few occasions, let’s thrive to live every day and cherish beauty in every possible thing.

We always welcome the end of a year with a party, a celebration. But how many of us celebrate the end of other things like school, collage, friendship or relationship? You might argue that those are heart breaking things and thus do not call for a celebration. Isn’t New Year an end to the year gone by, to dreams/ resolutions we couldn’t achieve in that particular year? It doesn’t call for a celebration either I suppose. But it does! Because, we welcome the new with positivity and happiness. Similarly, we should learn to accept the end of career/ love/ relation/ school or anything. We should learn to welcome the end with grace and look ahead for the future with positivity. Maybe just like the New Year, some things end so that newer things can enter our lives. So this year, let’s bring in more positivity into our lives and cherish the end of few things since everything isn’t meant to stay.


This year, let’s not kill the glitz and glam. Let’s stay with it, sway in it throughout the year.

Make it a year of experiences, love, enjoyment, knowledge, passion and much more. Go out there and tick off your bucket list pending from the previous year. Make it a year of fulfillment.

And, once again, Wishing you a Happy New Year, it is better late than never. Also, there is no time limit for celebration. New Year and new thing happen to those who are willing to see the newness in one’s daily life. Every day is a new day, you just need to have a proper perspective to look at it. Go out there as freshness and a wonderful year awaits. Rock it with your awesomeness and don’t forget to keep the spirits high and maybe, make it on the rocks and a little strong. 😉 Keep it going, keep it flowing. 😉

On this note, signing off with a hope to kickass this year with work on a Monday morning and craziness in mind. 😉

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