Live each moment to create a life!

Yay! Finally the year changes…but wait what difference does it make? The days remain the same and so do the weeks right from Monday to Sunday. Months and years may change…well logically they are meant to change but so are the days. Confusing?! Well, ideally the dates and years change. Everything else just repeats but always in a different way. For example, two Fridays of your life would never be the same.

Times change and so do we. As in we are not the same person we used to be. We change every time we move ahead. We just update ourselves to the latest version available..just as in the case of a smart phone. To quote the simplest example, alphabets were difficult until you were caught by words. Similarly, we always have the best/worst moment till date, best/worst picture till date, best/worst experience till date and so forth. As you go ahead, the best/worst things keep changing. Perhaps it is rightly said..Jeena isi ka naam hai. Life is a rolling stone! As you go ahead… you learn and grow. Btw, are you wondering why I talked about the best and worst things together? Well because both shape you up and trust me worst things teach you the lessons that best things can never!

So what’s that I’m  trying to say? All I want to say isLife is now. This moment. Full StopGo on…make an effort, however little it may seem to live the moment. Live in moments and life would hopefully be happier. Time will grant you the experiences and make you wiser. Better go ahead, take risks and explore your dreams than waiting for time to teach you. For dreams are never-ending and life so little. Let’s make ‘this little’ worthwhile! 

Actually, I have a friend in his mid-twenty who does the craziest things possible and has a wishlist to be accomplished before he gets married. The reason that he limits his life till marriage? Simply, in his view he doesn’t need someone to accomplish his dreams or change the way (positive/negative) he looks at his dreams. To add up, he also says that if he is lucky enough, he’ll end up finding someone while ticking off things off his wishlist. Crazy, isn’t he? But still..isn’t he right in some way? He is living the best of his life…when he moves ahead he’ll have newer dreams waiting for him.

So, open up and do what you feel like. Want to have that dark chocolate? Go have it. Want to dance it out? Well, don’t care if anyone is watching or not..just go ahead. Want to talk to him? Think & take up the call. It’s never too late unless you delay it further.

The time is now and my dear friend, time is the only thing that doesn’t come with an expiry date. But people, places & situations do!! Hence, make the best of it! Go ahead and live your L-I-F-E. If you are stuck up somewhere, keep changing the gear and stay assured that you are having the best of the moment. Give your best. For the next moment, you would not be at the same place and certainly you would not want to carry the bundle of regrets.

Let’s look back with a smile, after all we have all come ahead a mile!

On this note..formal wishes for a happy and crazy 2017!! 😉


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