Uncertainty – A gift!

And maybe just, some things can never get certain. You would just never know. The answers won’t ever come. We can spend hours, months and years together thinking and re-thinking or even over thinking about a particular thing, but even as the years roll by, you can never be certain, you could only end up with a ‘presumption’. You just end up with a version of things which you have created, which might not be the truth.


It is just like the balloon slipping out of your hands and going away with the wind. You might never know where it goes, you don’t know if it will ever touch the ground again, but you convince yourself that the balloon will reach someone’s house/ balcony and will make someone else smile. And incidentally if it falls on your own balcony, you would never know if it was your own balloon or someone else’s.  You can just never be 100% certain about it!


Maybe some answers are never meant to be known. Not all questions have an answer. Not all answers are worthy of your time, it is wise to let the question be and not dig too much to figure out a answer. Maybe the mystery is what keeps us going, keeps us ticking. Stop looking for an answer when it doesn’t come. You don’t need to know why people left you mid-way or what went wrong with a relation or anything for that matter.

When a door closes, knock on it a few times. But if it still doesn’t open, let it stay closed. In career, in love, in life – when you see the period at the end of the sentence, don’t try and turn it into a coma. Know when something is over and move on. This reminds me of a line form a song – Patte joh shaakhon se toote, bewajah toh nahin roothe, hain sabhi… (All the leaves which have fallen from the branches, are not offended without a reason). Maybe it is the best for us to not to know the answer, we are better off with our presumption of the answer and so be it. Leave it and move on, there are a lot of mysteries to solve out there 😉 Never stick onto something for a long time and ruin your peace of mind. Uncertainty might actually be a gift and grant you your mental peace.


We can just hope that the balloon will land somewhere and make someone smile, though we can never assure it. But as is said, Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies. Let’s keep the hope alive.



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