Let’s be a little selfish but more selfless!

“ I don’t know whether I miss him or miss us? Is it the memories, the moments, the feelings or him?” Meera said with tinge of tear in her eyes. She had recently been through a bad break-up and I had nothing but a shoulder to offer. Giving out a Kitkat..I said with a wink “You miss a break, baby.” She smiled and I smiled along.

Later on, I wondered that the sad truth of life is you value any person based on your own needs. For instance, you will miss out your Mom badly while staying in a hostel. Why? The love, the support …may be. But you miss her because of the good homely food and her ‘make everything available to you’ attitude. You value that now and perhaps that is why you miss her a lot. Bitter, but the truth.  Similarly, you’ll talk to a friend when you are sad/happy or when are bored or waiting for something. But when the same person calls you in your busier hours, you’ll talk directly to the point.

To sum up, the world is really small and we are just confined within ourselves. We look at the world from the window of our mindset. Times change and so do we, and now the new mantra of survival requires us to be a little selfish. As said ‘straight trees are often the ones to get cut first.’ Being a little selfish is not bad as it’ll end up acting as a defence mechanism for your own self.

But again…a note of caution : Don’t be too much waved into yourself that you forget that you ultimately are a part of this society. So just be a little selfish being more selfless. Because ultimately what you give is what you get!!

On this note…wish you a safe take-off from the year 2016!! 🙂



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