Time to be your own Santa!

Hola! The Christmas is finally here and so is the Santa Claus. Remember our childhood days when we believed the gifts Santa used to give us?! We believed in the magic and chose to be happy.

Ho!Ho! Ho! – Santa here

Times have changed and so have the people.  Gone are the days when you could trust anyone and everyone. One moment a person can make you the happiest and make you fly. Next moment, the same person would hurt you, chop off your wings and leave you to fall deep in the valley. Naah! No sad talks on Christmas.

All I want to say that you are ultimately the one to hold yourself and stand up in times of stress. You are the one who tries to stand up for others while falling apart. So why not celebrate it? This Christmas gift yourself. What? Well, there is a list of endless things that you want to do or buy but could not due to some or the other reason including the small – little things.  Talking about me, I want to watch ‘Scooby-Doo’ – a cartoon that we used to watch in our childhood. It has been years since I watched it last and months since I want to watch it again. This simple thing is not important and hence delayed all the while. This may be the gift I would give myself! There are ample of such things…you wanted to search out an old favourite song – search it, wanted to buy a Fountain Pen – buy it, try the red candy – have it, read a particular book – go grab it! Its Christmas, my friend and more importantly this year is about to end. Anything and Everything is available. All you need is a little extra effort that you can definitely manage. Because you’re worth it & gifts are always good. 😉

Be your own Santa – Gift yourself. If you can’t think of anything, gift someone else and thereby gift yourself the serene smile. For instance, gift your family something and surely their smile and happiness would be contagious enough to make you feel gifted.

So, not only this Christmas but at times when you feel like applauding or cheering yourself, take the liberty and go for it!! For you are the only one available for yourself in this world!

Once again, Happiest Christmas Wishes to all my dear readers!!



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