Time – an essence

A heart-break is not devastating. Nope.


The thing more devastating than heart-break is reaching office at 9.31am whereas I should have reached at 9.30am in spite of driving from my house like a maniac. That one minute delay costs me half a day. Anyway, I reached office at 9.29am today, so that’s a relief. It’s just like you reach your school late and get punishment or reach college late and get no attendance. And no attendance is devastatingly bad.


We often feel that a heart-break is the worst thing, but the worst thing is, putting in all your efforts into a task and missing the desired result by just an inch. I don’t know why people particularly like this last minute rush. Obviously enough, on the prima facie, the first thing for people like me would be to grab that “2 minutes of extra sleep”, and it is universally known, that 2 minutes sleep never lasts only for 2 minutes, it lasts more than 5 minutes can last up to even 20 minutes. Mornings are usually activity filled and almost always, we don’t realise the time slipping out. We have too much to do and very restricted time. We have to brush, bathe, get dressed, eat break-fast, read newspaper and for working women; it would include cooking food, packing Tiffin boxes and just what not! That is the exact reason why Monday mornings is the toughest, because after a blissfully slow Sunday, we have the fast rushed up Monday.


Probably, all of that is the reason why we have been taught about punctuality from a very tender age. Keeping track of time and being on time has always been stressed on. That is also why we never had 10 minutes less of History class or 10 minutes more of P.T. class. That is how it is and that is how it will be, everything has a time limit attached to it always.

If we have a function here in India and if it starts by 3.30pm, you can always hear people saying, “it says the function starts at 3.30pm so obviously it will start by 4-4.15pm” types, I wonder where the emphasis on time and punctuality disappear during those times. Anyway, since it is India, rules and other thing can appear, disappear, be modified or completely changed anytime, with no time bounds. Well, let’s keep that aside.


Anyway, so, the next time, keep that alarm a minute or two early, so that you will never reach your office / college / school that one minute late (that’s what I hope happens). At least that (keeping your alarm) is an easy task to achieve. 😉

Oh yes, this is for all the late-latifs out there (including me):


A big cheers to us! Let’s try and be on time henceforth. (or hope to be on time, *finger crossed*)  😉

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