The ‘one last time’.

There will always be some people who won’t be kind. The genre of people who wouldn’t even help when they easily can. We have all come across such people. For instance, ask a simple question at some government department and you’ll get everything except for the answer. Well, it may be the situation which may have made it but then isn’t a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ better than “Please refer the rules. It is written over there.”?

But then again, when people are to go away from something or meet an individual for the last time, their behavior would entirely change. Again to quote an example, a colleague at work would never help out easily even when asked for. Now that he is about to leave his job, he is not only giving out qualitative work but also being kind and supportive. I wonder what made him change.

Perhaps, it’s the ‘one last time feeling’ that helps people to take the liberty. An old favorite tee that you are to discard will be special when you wear it last, the feeling of riding your bike before selling, the feeling of saying goodbye to your school (and perhaps to the best part of your life), the feeling of meeting your best friend last time not knowing when you’ll get to be the same together and last but not he least the feeling of getting a feeling last time! Huh? The feeling of getting a feeling last time..didn’t get it? Let me explain it with an example. Suppose you hold fear of when you go ahead, push yourself to it and actually dive in the sky…thats the amazing feeling of fear for the last time. Next time, sky diving would probably bring excitement but certainly not the fear you held before. That Feeling!  A bit tricky…but it still rests. Everyone has felt it at some point of time. May be without even realizing!

So the point…if we try to make ‘the last time’ the best one, why not try to make ‘each time’ the best one?

Do Think. On this note..wish you a happy and adventurous weekend! 🙂



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