Break Free from Social Media


Last night I was in a semi sleepy state, so I thought I could check my Facebook for a while. Thereby aimlessly scrolling through it, I ended up spending a good 35 minutes on it. What started out as a “while” turned out to be 35 minutes and I was just randomly scrolling through my wall. What was I trying to find in it? I don’t know. Technology has fascinatingly taken over our lives. I just realized, we these days cannot stay without checking out each and every social media account of ours for a few times a day. I thought to myself “why do I constantly need a stupid screen with me, showing photos/ updates of various people?” What do I get by knowing that Mr. X was eating in Y place with 4 other people? Do I really care?


We just have to, totally have to, check into/ post photos of places or event we have been to. Why? We go to a restaurant and click so many photos of the food and with the group of people we went with and put all that on social media. I don’t really know why we all do it Have we all come to seek validation? My friend jokingly puts it “because, if there are no photos, it didn’t happen”.  We used to laugh at that line, but now I realize, it is actually true. We have lost the art of ‘living in the moment’; we now only want to live for a moment in the photos. We have lost the art of taking in aroma of the food because our concentration is on clicking the perfect photo for the #Food #Love #Delicious #Foodie tags all over. We don’t get enchanted by the scenic beauty to a great extent because our focus lays on capturing the best picture and terming it #Nature #Beauty #TravelDiaries and just what not!


I don’t exactly get the craze. Does anybody necessarily care about the “#Food” tag? Why not just eat with no exaggeration on getting the perfect picture to show on social media. What are we trying to find on a screen by just scrolling on and on and on? I have been a victim of the same vicious cycle; opening, checking and re-checking all social media accounts, multiple times in a day. And honestly, it way more addicting that it should be. We want to know who Ms. Y is dating and how Mr.Z’s vacation in Paris is going, which in reality has no relevance with my day to day life. Instead I barely talk to Ms. Y or Mr. Z in real life, then why should I bother about their social life? People these days are so obsessed with their phones that when people are together, they end up staring at their phones instead of talking to each other.


Technology has now replaced almost everything. We now have e-books instead of physical ones, but the amazing feeling of holding a book is always cherished. Similarly, we now have video calls; the feeling of seeing other even though miles away is enthralling, but it can never replace the feeling of hugging the person physically and having face to face conversation. Text messages replace letters and note pads and pens replaced by tabs. Yes, I am old school, I miss the raw version of things.


Nobody is going to come to you in your final days and say that you uploaded some great photos and checked into good places. Nobody is going to care and nobody honestly cares now as well. Let’s stop staring at out stupid screen, go out there and feel the free air blowing, play a sport, meet new people and learn to live in the moment and not just for the photos or likes.


Let’s try and restrict our social media usage. Let’s try not to log into social media accounts for at least 4 days and see how much of time you can devote to other beautiful/ important things in life. I know it’s going to be a tough task, but we have to make a start some day. Start with one social media free day in a week, gradually increase it to 2 days a week and maybe one day, you will end up with a no social media week in a month, which will be liberating. Try it and live the real life and not just the screen life because your Facebook friends aren’t going to be there for you in times of need, your real friends/ family will be there. Stop looking at that screen and go have fun.:)



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