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I was having dinner with friends the other day when the verbal histrionics of a lady by the adjacent table called for our attention.

She was talking to one of the waiters in an animated way. She was there with her husband (probably) who was sitting rather quietly beside her. The woman was arguing about the non availability of one particular dish in the restaurant which according to her should have been there. The waiter was trying his best to explain her that they don’t serve it but the lady wasn’t interested to lend her ears to him. In the end she stormed out of the restaurant promptly followed by her husband.

When the waiter came to us, one of my friends inquired about the matter. The waiter told us that the lady was demanding a Chinese cuisine in a place where they didn’t serve Chinese. We friends looked at each other and then laughed out at how stupid people can be. Later I thought how often we frustrate ourselves by demanding that one cuisine which life hasn’t kept for us in our menu. And thereby lose out on the time when we could have enjoyed what the menu actually had.

– Novoneel Chakraborty

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