The marked human!

Nowadays, we are all marked. Just like animals. You know animals are marked and numbered for the purpose of enumeration and identification. In our case, the so-called civilized society has marked us with our cell phone numbers, our Facebook account, the Insta account and what not! The list is endless. The parameters of the mark differ with the society we live in and in the rarest of rare case…our own vision. For example, the mark could be the social identity for some & bank balance for others. The list is endless I guess.

Is it wrong?  Not in a short run, as you can get along with the people you can share a part or tinge of yourself with. But when it creates a class, diversifies the species and creates a distance ranging to war, its wrong! It’s a sin in itself. Need I mention how we fight over the mark of religion or caste or creed or colour? Have you ever seen animal fight for that or any other mark? Yes they may fight for their place but not for a mere mark that would be cleared in the wave of time.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make? Simple, take a day off with the mark. For instance, stay without your cell phone for a day and visit a beautiful place. Yes, your hands and pocket would feel lonely and you will miss the camera badly. But it is totally worth for the peace of mind you’ll achieve. Believe me and try it once. Your absence will not be acknowledged except for your family. And you can manage that very well, I know ;p

Hence, you my dear friend identify & take out that mark which stops you for some time and be as free as a fish going back to the ocean or a caged eagle flying high up in the sky. You have a whole universe waiting…why confine yourself within this little device?

On this note..hope you have a wonderful week ahead 🙂


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