Monday Motivation – believe in the good!



This is for the broken hearted, the lost, the alleged lonely ones:

I use the word alleged because what you feel now is temporary. The good days are not far away, they are always there. Wait and you will finally see them. Something beautiful is always around corner. I say that, because I have felt lost, lonely and broken hearted as well. We all have been there on occasions more than once and every time, it only feels like its getting worse, but no, it actually gets better. It always, ultimately ends up getting better than before. Have you jumped into a swimming pool? You touch the floor, hit the rock bottom and jump right back up. But in life, we tend to give up exactly when we touch-down, not realising that the journey ahead is only going to take you higher.

black-n-white-rainbowLife can get black and white at times and you might find it difficult to see any colours around you, but one must never forget that there is always a rainbow out there. There are always going to be rainbows shining just for you to notice. Just have patience.

Yes you are heart-broken, but just because someone or some group of people broke you, doesn’t mean there aren’t any people left. You are also surrounded by people who will go out of the way to see you smile. Even if you don’t believe it at this time, you are actually surrounded by love. Love exists in small forms all around. Believe in the good and good things will eventually happen!


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