Love is not tough!

loveA lot of people think and believe that, love is difficult, when you lose a person you love, it is difficult. Life stops. Yes, it does.

But love is never difficult, anyone who thinks otherwise is all wrong. Love doesn’t break you up, it helps to break down your fears. It helps you grow and feel alive, helps you feel good. Yes, there will be low moments, but that is inevitable in any relation.

Love is when you don’t regret meeting that person, when you are left feeling glad that you got a chance to meet that person, got to know them, felt the love, even when you didn’t end up together. Love gives you the courage to live without each other, just knowing that you will silently be present in each other’s thoughts and hearts whether you stay together or miles apart.

Maybe I finally understand what Hazel Grace’s father tells her in the movie – The fault in our stars. When he says to Hazel, on Augustus’s death, it was a privilege wasn’t it, knowing him? He was right. Love has to be that way. It should be a privilege to have known that person.


It sure will break your heart to be away from the person, but it should not leave you feeling empty, shallow or with regret or with any other sort of ill feelings. It should end up making you more aware about yourself, it should give you the courage to carry on with or without other people’s acceptance, should give the most truthful side of each other and accept each other flaws. It should leave you in awe and bliss.

Maybe I now know what love is, finally.


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