My fears

You know what I am afraid of?

I am afraid of my raw feelings, my truthful mind, my thoughts, my fantasies, my ideas – my world.


My raw emotions scare me, for they know exactly what I feel, I can’t hide there. There are those words in them which when uttered will only scatter me; they make me cry for they know the love I carry within, the love which I now choose not to show to the world. They know the indifference I began to show. They know the doubts I carry at times and the confidence I sway in at most times.

My truthful mind knows the lies I tell myself. It knows that few of my friends aren’t exactly my “friends” they only try to bring me down if ever given a chance. It knows that fear is a coat we all wear and once that coat falls off, we are capable of much more. My mind knows that my “insecurities” are all just false ones and that none of it will come true. It knows that things aren’t as important as much I regard them to be.

My thoughts assure me that there is a world filled with endless love; which people run away from these days. They run wild and dream of far off lands; they trickle my existence and ask me to look for answers, they urge me to ask questions. My thoughts – know that greatness can be achieved through channelizing them into proper directions.

My fantasies know that life is not meant to be lived ordinary, it is meant to fly and that we can still fly with our feet in the ground; it believes that Cinderella is not just a story, but that even I can be a Princess on any given day. They know that castles do exists and mountains of gold coins will eventually be found.


My world knows that there is a world out there where everything is possible, everything is true, pure and serene. It knows that no dream is unattainable and no battle is ever too small. My world knows a world filled with happiness and endless hope for the good.

My world believes in the song –

Aasmaan ke pare ek jahaan hai kahin (there is a world beyond sky)
Jhooth sach ka wahan qayeda hi nahin (where there is no law of the truth and lie)
Roshni mein wahan ki alag noor hai (the light there has got a different charm)
Saaye jismon se aage jahaan jaate hain (the place where shadow goes beyond the body)

Chal wahan jate hai (let’s go there)

Indeed, my world tells me “let’s go there”. It tells me to go where ever I want to go and it guides me to go where I have always longed to go.


You are afraid of cockroaches and spiders? Oh, and the darkness?

Nah, I am afraid of things on a different level. The brightness is what calls us. How will we ever see it if we are still afraid of spiders? Go fear yourself, your thoughts, your mind – your world. Challenge yourself and see yourself conquering the fear for that is where the darkness evades and light like never before is found. Because your fear will take you where you always wanted to go as your mind knows where to take you. You just have to be willing to go with it. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “My fears

  1. @Krithika Ruparelia: Truely written wht ur heart feels but world is full of hypocrisy where show off is more important to some ppl than doing actually wht their heart wants n what makes them happpy….. And in the competition to be not left out others run blindly ttooo…. Not realising their purpose if existence n their calling is different from others !

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    1. Krithika Ruparelia 26 Dec 2016 — 6:47 AM

      Totally. I completely agree with you Mishty. People are slowly going blind, they need to understand that not everyone is meant to follow the same path.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. @krithika : Just imagine if nly ppl lived for themselves hw different the world wd be!

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