Life – a story


I just read a book where the author suggests that one must wait for the story to come to him to write a book. It got me thinking, does a story really come to someone, isn’t one supposed to take efforts for the story to reach him? Can one really wait for something to come, that too without any time limit?

It is often said what you are looking for comes when you are not looking at all. More often than not, it has proved to be true. Some of the best things happen to us when we least expect it to happen. We meet people out of nowhere and suddenly some things about them changes a lot within us. It is purely magical to meet such people and realise that we have been missing out on the best in life so far. They help to take you where you wanted to go since long, they help you become something you never thought you were capable of becoming. They bring out the best/or at times the worst in you.

Life screws us up in various ways. But, also it gives us strangely wired ways to un-screw up and gives us answers in the most unconventional ways. Sometimes, we think we know ourselves very nicely and that is exactly when life gets into proving us wrong and transforming us into something we ourselves would not imagine we could turn into. It can give us tremendous power, make us withstand anything or it can make us fragile enough to never hold back even a drop of tear. Things can be in favour of you and suddenly turn against you and vice versa.
Life on the whole is unpredictable but the beauty of it makes it worthwhile to take a big blow and stand straight or through a stormy rain and finally see the sunlight.


I don’t know what that makes me believe me in – luck, destiny, co-incidence, God, or some divine power above us, but it sure does make me believe in something. Travel in its roller coaster and enjoy the journey, for that is what you are meant to do. Also, if that is to be believed, wait for the story to come to you, because I think, when destiny allows it, the story will definitely come to you.


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