Education System needs an Update..

From World Wars to Tropical Rain Forests, from Trigonometry to Differentiation, learnt so much of stuff in school, but never did I end up using one of them. Education: is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Really??

Our Education System loves to keep the things complex. Simplify is for the loosers, and only suits well in mathematical text books.The graduated professional people out there who are emerging out to be engineers are well aware of how much of their school education is coming into use in their professional career apart from it being a proof to rule out the fundamental elimination round based on your educational percentage. The void between the learning and implementation occurs right from the technical round of your interview, where you realize that the world you are stepping in has got little to do with your past learning. 10 Years is the time we spend in school and within this decade we end up studying more than 50 percent of the stuff that we actually are not going to implement in our career anywhere. How many of us perform the integration and derivations on our office tables?? How many of you discuss the Mughal Wars or Mohenjo daro Dynasty?? How many of you are bullied for not remembering the date of some trivial war or some law that seizes to exist today. If this all was not going to make any difference to our career, then, why waste time bugging our mind into it. Its not like we don’t want any of those trigonometry and algebras which enhance the ability to deal with our aptitude part, but we should also consider the level of its severity which actually is going to help us equate in our career.

Majority of us choose their careers into writing codes and designing web,and lot more fields. If these fields are the ones that are in demand to shape your career, then why not introduce these subjects instead of those Historical and Mathematical fusions leading to only confusions. These complexities could be kept as optional subjects and mandate the ones that are in demand for career enhancement on some level of our educational career. If change is the mark of progress then why not bring the change in our education system which should change from within and not just on the text book covers.


If we decide to partition India on the basis of Education,then, India will majorly will get classified into 2 divisions. 1) Engineer 2) Doctor & 3) The people who would fight why did i choose to write Engineer as 1 and not Doctor. Now, how many of you loved the  movie Lakshya, Black Halk Down, Saving Private Ryan, find anything common in these movies?? Its the Army that i am pinning out. Why don’t we have the lessons of the bravery of these soldiers and the sacrifices they made. Which qualifies to be remembered, conquering some dynasty that no longer exists or the bravery of that fighting soul. Such pages of bravery if brought in the syllabus might plant that seed in one of us to become a Soldier and not an Engineer/Doctor. Becoming anything apart from Engineer/Doctor is the thought that only occurs, when you end up being frustrated in that 4 X 4 cubicle of your professional career built on the old age education system of ours. The Jobs in today’s era demands specialization in various fields, this is because there is a gap between the educational and professional level, this gap is because the professional world is changing with the modernization, but our education systems still clings to the same old pages, which are useful enough only to crack the exams. Why is this change happening everywhere but in our education system.

Neither did anyone tell me there are different slabs and percentages for taxes. Honest to god, I did not know all that until I started my business and sat with my CA for the first time.

An honest answer, I don’t anything about taxes, and how does the whole operation of tax cycle operate. All I know about taxes is that, they get automatically debited and some people try to evade taxes, but wait, I am a distinction holder, does that count??

Health insurance is tricky

Nobody talked to me about health insurance in school, and as soon as I started working my whole family was concerned about my health. 

So until you are a minor, you can be under your parent’s health insurance, and then you have to get your own. 

But, here is a question which plagues everyone around the world – Which health insurance to take?

Since I quit my job, I don’t have a health insurance covered by an employer and I have to get my own. Scanning through some of the options online, I realized how FUCKED up this whole system is

  • You have to pay more if you are a married woman (Because they expect you will get pregnant)
  • You don’t have to pay more, if you agree to pay for pregnancy related issues yourself 
  • And the most fucked up of them all – you cannot get health insurance for a pre-existing condition 

So, if you have had cancer before or a brain surgery, your insurance won’t cover it again. In fact, no insurance will cover a repeating/ pre-existing condition. 

I understand this can be a little hard to understand for a 16-year old kid, but health insurance is an issue which needs to be discussed more, especially with healthcare is getting expensive by everyday. 
By the way, I still don’t have health insurance.

There are several such un-charted areas that remain un-explored due to our un-editable education system. When is that change happening is still uncertain and seems to be a far-cry, but if anyone among you out there who is unable to solve that complex mathematical equation or unable to memorize the dates of the war, don’t you ever get disheartened. These concepts however don’t apply in future.

Our Education System certainly needs a change. Lets join for that change to happen.


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