Present – a gift for you!

On a sunny or a rainy day when you manage to find a shade under the tree, do you thank the person who planted the seed or supported its growth? May be or may be not. But surely, you do curse the person who cut down the tree at that very spot.

We can blame, complain and curse so easily that we fail to appreciate, applaud and thank at the same time. Nope, I’m not blaming or complaining :P. I’m just reminding you to see and value the thing you have today at this very moment.

Tomorrow is faraway..where it may just turn out to be a memory. So value today in its best way possible. Akhir kya pata – Kal Ho Naa Ho.’s rightly called ‘present’- a gift. I guess the gift is same but the use differs. Let’s try to utilize our present in the best way possible.

On this note, hope you have a good time ahead 🙂



1 thought on “Present – a gift for you!

  1. What a creative thinking of ‘Gift’ and ‘Present’. The another way to see the world. That’s only a writer can do. Great. Appreciable.

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