Ride with the guide..

What is our worst fear? I believe it is ‘we ourselves’. For instance, ‘What if this goes wrong? How would I handle it?’ and so on and so forth is all it takes to grow our fear. Analyze your fear and you’ll find this to be true.

On the other hand, we are our biggest strength. Believe that, don’t give up and keep going. Here’s a Tuesday poem to keep you motivated. Hope you like it.

‘The things that are vague shall clear out soon;

the rains shall come out of the moon.

When you want light for an escort;

just make yourself a sport.

For once let darkness be  your power; 

and get off things that make your soul sour.

You are the one to make thyself;

not the man, the animal or the light.

 Go ahead..for where you stop you have a guide;

a guide who’ll take you through the ride.

Cherish that moment..for you’ll realize 

that the guide was none but you yourself.’

On this note, hope you find a great guide in your life 😉

Would love to hear your views. Do share.


1 thought on “Ride with the guide..

  1. Hope so, thanks…..and all the best to you in search of your best guide.

    Liked by 1 person

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