Monday Motivation – You are amazing!!

I have come to realise, people take in negativity more than positivity. You tell them that they can’t do something and they just nod, tell them they can achieve something and you will have to give them proper reasoning or even an entire thesis explaining why or how they can do it.

Call someone beautiful and they don’t accept it, call them intelligent and they doubt your words. Give someone shelter or food or money, they will accept it, but interestingly, nobody ever accepts a compliment. Why is accepting a compliment such a great task? Why don’t people just agree that yes, they have done a good work, they sing well, look beautiful, dance gracefully, so on and so forth!


Has the human race been criticised far too much for people to take compliments seriously or have they been “expected” out of “societal norms” to be the best in every possible way? When you call someone beautiful, they will immediately retort, no no, I am not that beautiful, there are more beautiful people out there. Yes, no doubt there are much more beautiful people out there, but you are beautiful as well, why not just accept that darling?


One of the greatest things a person has to do is to convince the other about their talent or beauty or brains or anything at all. If someone cracks a solution to a tough question and if I were to say, wow man, that was pretty smart of you to have solved it, the reply I will probably get would be, ah no! It’s just nothing, I just happened to figure it out this time. Why do we shun at an act of achievement? How is it “just nothing” or “happened to figure it out”. Well, quite obviously, the other didn’t get that “just nothing” as well and they didn’t even “happen” to know it. Please go ahead and accept a compliment when it comes your way. People don’t often compliment their fellow beings, but when they do, the acceptance level seems to be pretty low. Astonishingly, we do very easily accept an insult. When someone says, Oh! You don’t even know that much? The reply probably is – Yes, I don’t. *self proclaimed acceptance of being dumb/ inferior*


Negativity just flows in abundance. We must take a conscious decision and let go of the negativity. Turn the tables around and let positivity flow in. Let’s begin to take compliments at face value and embrace it. Be the better human, accept you beauty as much as much you accept your flaws. Also, appreciate other fellow humans for their small efforts, it goes a long way, because the urge of listening to a compliment is so much needed, not just to make the person feel good, but also to keep him going. Maybe if you wouldn’t have appreciated his attempt, he might lost the feeling of even attempting something beautiful worth complimenting.

Do yourself a favour and accept a compliment the next time it comes your way.

Yes, you are beautiful. You are smart. You are talented. You are amazing.

And no. it is just not “nothing”. It is indeed everything. Everything is just as wonderful and spectacular as you. Just gotta believe that and accept it.

As is said – The Sun is up, the sky is blue, it is beautiful and so are you. Remember that. You are beautiful, no denying that henceforth. 🙂


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1 thought on “Monday Motivation – You are amazing!!

  1. And you’re awesome 😉

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