Change – A constant?

A lot is said about change and that one must always be constant to change. But is it always possible to be continually changing? Let’s find out.


It is said, when the Caterpillar thought the world comes to an end, is when it turned into a Butterfly. But what happens once it becomes a Butterfly? Does it or can it change any further? You cannot expect a Butterfly to be as strong as a Dinosaur or an Elephant to be as light as an Ant. More often than not, circumstances are not suited to fit us; we are therefore forced to be a recipient of change.

But at times, change gets the best of us as we are expected to be or do something which we aren’t capable of doing. If the change is good, we may as well resort to it, but what happens when one is forced to do something contrary to his or her beliefs? In case a strict vegetarian is asked to eat non-vegetarian food instead or if a person with high moral values is asked for some sexual favour for financial benefits in return, do you expect the person to change in his moral values or beliefs? Of course not! Then, why do we as humans preach that “change is the only constant”? Perhaps, as is seen, things are easier said than done.

rigth or wrong answer or decision
The crucial point here being, to which degree are people willing to accept change? Most people, when in a relationship, change according to their partner’s expectations until the wooing period and once the chase is over, often fall into the same old practices, leaving the other partner heart-broken. In an official environment people are willing to change as per the standards set by their superiors, also changing their work style and beliefs about right and wrong, juniors in need of success often agree with their superiors even if the decision taken by the superiors maybe wrong. In such a situation, by adapting to change, we at times are putting ourselves at risk.

We have all heard of the story where a frog is put in hot water and where he keeps adjusting to the increasing temperature in the water and eventually, instead of jumping out, dies because he keeps changing his body to match the boiling water and eventually his body couldn’t adapt to such high temperature and dies as a result. We, as humans also sometimes change and adjust too much to a situation, where we lose our originality. Majority of us, at some point in life would have changed too much to accommodate a particular thing.

Don’t be the frog, be smart enough to jump out and save your originality instead of clinging to something you don’t whole-heartedly believe in. Tell your boss his decision is wrong, tell your partner that you cannot change extremely to match their requirement. Because not all changes are worth it and some things are always worth not changing for. Know your limits and set them high and clear for we are not meant to die unlike the frog.


2 thoughts on “Change – A constant?

    1. Yes, there are chances of ending up alone. But if you change yourself way too much, then you anyway won’t end up feeling comfortable. You would constantly feel out of place and that is even more worse. Embrace your originality and set clear boundaries to limits of changes. Only then will you reach your true potential and feel good.


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