A little lost, aren’t we?

The world is our home..the people around our family. We have always been taught this. But you, my dear friend would agree at some point we feel a bit lonely and left out even when surrounded with our loved ones. Right? Well, its okay to be lost for a while. Wear the mask but let it not cover you up. You are beautiful and let the world appreciate it. And for those who don’t, they simply haven’t been lost yet ;P

Here is a poem that i wrote when the times were (or are) tricky and I lost myself..

With sadness filled in her eyes, she smiled to her best.

Even tears didn’t dare to get that smile apart

Wondered she, am I wearing a mask like the world..how did this happen?

The answer was within but she chose not to hear..

‘Where am I lost?’ 

After a while she remembered something and told herself that ‘Lost is perhaps just a  place to find yourself’

Saying this the mask vanished but the smile didn’t.

On this note, wish you a beautiful monday morning!


3 thoughts on “A little lost, aren’t we?

  1. Is life about finding urself or creating urself?


    1. 1) Is life about finding yourself or creating yourself? 2) Life is about finding yourself or creating yourself. The answer to your question lies in the phase and moments between point no. 1 & 2. Hope to see you on point no. 2 soon. 🙂


    2. Simply said..you create yourself on the journey of finding yourself or vice versa. To sum up..’You are Life.’


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