Moon – source of light!?

There are times when we live in darkness. We see only the Moon, assuming fully that it is the source of light. We have seen darkness and that’s what we assume life to be. We don’t know about the Sun.


When we are blissfully unaware of the sun we accept the reality of darkness. But what happens when we are exposed even to the slightest of rays of the Sun? We want to know more about it, want to experience the bright light. We run at it with full speed and finally discover the Sun in its mighty reality. We have now known brightness and cannot fall back on Moon. What happens when this Sun is suddenly snatched away from us? We don’t want to return to the darkness – the Moon.


Earlier we very conveniently for all our existence believed that the only source of light is the Moon. And just short time of exposure to the Sun has changed our perception and now we don’t want to live in the darkness. Why? Why don’t we agree on Moon as the source of light any longer? What if it is the same with love? All our life, we find love. We end up marrying someone, eventually to “fall in love”. How do you know that what you say falling in love was maybe just discovering the Moon? How will we ever know something called the Sun exists? What happens when we never end up discovering the Sun?


True love as people call; what if it never happens. How will one know about the existence of Sun if one isn’t exposed to it? Are we living it that way? Have we led ourselves to believe that Moon gives us light, while we don’t even know that Sun exists? We are yet to experience it or will we ever experience it? Maybe only time will tell or maybe not. It only depends on the Sun, if we are ever exposed to it we will know about its existence, if not and until then, Moon continues to supposedly be my source of light.

Hope we all eventually end up finding the Sun!

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