The Sensible letter to the PM

You must have across many witty and senseless posts or articles that must have been written in order to address our PM for his brave move of demonetisation lately. But this letter below is the master of all the letters and surprisingly this letter makes a brilliant sense. Enjoy reading the letter. 

Source: (Whatsapp)

Hats off to the person who has scripted this hilarious post
Please do not miss this post which simply is a piece of literature, in quality humour 
The mild note of threat with which this post concludes made me, roll on the floor laughing. 

A child’s letter to 

Prime minister, Mr Modi!!!!!!
Respected sir
When you announced demonetization, 

I was watching cartoons on TV and thus my parents 

did not hear it. 

But some of their friends called and messaged them and the first victims of your decision were me and 

my sister. 

They took the remote away from us and we have not been 

able to get it back till today.
All grown ups watch only news and we are not given a chance to watch our favourite shows. 

I request you to kindly look into this matter and announce 

about our rights on TV. 

We will be very thankful. 
My second request is concerning my pocket money. 

My parents have suddenly become very miserly. 

They used to give me 

Rs. 500 every month 

as pocket money. 

I have to keep an account 

of it all. 

I give 20% of it in charity. 

I use 30% of it on books and 

I have to save 10%. 

Rest 40% can be spent in any way I wish which means I can buy toffees and chocolates etc., with that amount.
All this time, I thought I am a good and wise saver. 

I would save an amount close to 350-380 and exchange my money for a nice Rs.500 note from my Mother. 

She always needs small notes for different things. 

Now I understand that all the money I have saved for last five years is of no value unless 

I give it to my parents for exchange in bank. 
But then again, it will have no value as I am sure they will not give it back to me as it amounts to a few thousand 

and they will definitely think 

it is too big an amount for me. 
Our outings have reduced. Less pizza, less dining out. 

Though I am a good child 

and I eat home made food mostly, I do need to go out occasionally. 

You should understand this very well as you often go out, 

not just out of home, 

but out of country too.


Please do something about it. 

I don’t want to give any account of the money 

I have, as I have checked again and again and none of these notes is black.


Here is what I demand….
1) I want all my money back. 

I mean the money that has value, not just papers.
2) I want my TV back. 

I don’t want to watch people discussing money and queues all the time. 

I miss my Power Rangers.
3) I want my pocket money. They stopped giving it to me as 100 rupee notes are important to them and 

2000 is too much for me 

in their opinion.
4) This point is not related to money but it also brought a scolding for me, so please see to it too while you are at it.


I sing National Anthem everyday at school. 

I stand still while singing it and I feel very proud of my country and I love it.


But yesterday, when we went to watch a movie, and I was settling down on my seat with popcorn and Pepsi, they started playing it and my mother scolded me very badly for not being respectful to it.


But how was I to know that there was going to be an assembly in cinema hall too? 

Please, stop this and I promise I will always respect 

our Nation.
Please do something about these things. 

I am suffering and I know all my friends are suffering too.
We are small today. 

But soon we will have 

a right to vote. 

I want you to keep that 

in mind. 

Children neither forgive 

nor forget. 
With regards


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