The Wailing


This South Korean Horror movie, holds something very aggressive with it. Go with my words and I will guide you to what this movie is capable of. Hearing to a scary story, what is that part which stays long after the story ends?? Its the fear that has been described, the fear around the plot that encapsulates you into its own world where any dark thing can come like a sky falling on you. In the whole hearing when did you realize that it actually hit you, its when you were in the middle of the trap, the story teller makes you his cue and drags you into the deep dreary world where all the possible nightmarish thoughts you could ever imagine, comes tearing down on you. The damage done by this is beyond explanation. This is the capability of this masterpiece, it holds you so tight that, you will be gripped by the horror that it boasts to offer and trust me when i say this, if The Conjuring was your worst nightmare then, this my friend is going to give some deep chills. The horror that incapacitates in it, is chaotic enough to handle.


Giving away any bit of this plot will do a big injustice to the masterpiece. Only the promise i can make you is, the power of the movie lies by its end. It needs a small bit of your patience that pays it off by the end. Some of you may end up being confused with the end, and may be clouded up with many questions. You don’t need to worry a bit about it, as the answers to your most obvious questions have been answered on many sites, also feel free to let us know in the comments section as well, if you come across any.

The absolute honor done by the director-writer Hong-Jin-Na to this movie is a sheer masterpiece. It keeps you glued to the screens and surrounded in the demonic ambiance, which dreads throughout the movie till the end and even after. It seems as if the director maps your thoughts and becomes comfortable with the way your mind builds your thoughts and then starts to unwind his powers to fill your thoughts with the terror he has to offer. The terror not by sound effects or scare-jumps, but the storyline. An astounding creation of the plot which leaves you scared by the end.



This weekend you have this one movie to watch and the inertial effect it will have on you is something worth an experience. Do watch it and let us know what is your expression on this cynical Horror story.



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