The Escapist Theory

Everybody needs an Escapist Theory – one that allows you to escape the on-going reality for a while, allow you to breathe, to enjoy living there in that moment and just not think about anything else. I have many actually. One is listening to music, an escape into the flow of music, where you concentrate on the song more than the reality, other is reading a book – forgetting the reality and entering a fictional world with fake characters and waiting for the suspense to unveil itself, most of the times it’s an interesting wait. Others would include roaming around the town, dancing, best of all sleeping 😉


Everyone should have one, only then is it easy for humans to survive. Also, the most common benefit of having it is, you end up being better at it all the time. For example, if you love dancing, take it as your escapist theory and just engross yourself in it so that you forget other things around, soon enough, you will excel in it. It helps you reinvent yourself, rejuvenate, rejoice and calm down. The fun thing may be, you find people with same interests and can meet new people and make new friends.

People often make reasons like they don’t have the time do any such things. But the reality is, everybody can squeeze out time to something they love or at least would love doing.  Cut out on that extra social networking or your mobile screens and television screens and get time, you need not do it every day but make sure you do it often. You can also pursue your hobby, keep doing it regularly and eventually it will become a routine which you will look forward to, it will help you feel alive and feel good.


Play a musical instrument, go play a sport, sing a song, dance, sketch, paint, do anything you feel like, expand your horizons and spread your wings, discover your inner talent and find yourself an Escapist Theory, because you might surprise yourself with the new things you can do.


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