A Cute Story


How can you not see it? Sweets, he asked.

How can you not see how beautiful you are, he argued.

She never agreed to his point. She further argued, I have no makeup on, my hair is a complete mess, and I look pathetic. How can you not see that?

You know you always look beautiful to me, come on, let’s already agree that you are beautiful just the way you are, with no makeup on, the raw you, just you. You don’t need anything to cover up, he said.

Okay, at least let me put my hair down, this messy bun makes me look bad, she frowned.

Come on, you don’t have to hide behind your hair. By the way, your hair looks amazing, he said.

Are you blind? My hair isn’t washed, I barely combed it up, it looks bad, she retorted.

Call me blind, Sweets, but I love your hair. It looks pretty, he said and smiled.

His words were always enough to make her cheeks go red, fill her eyes with hope and smile her best smile.

They always felt alive in each other presence, laughed their hearts out together, helped each other grow and they loved teasing each other over petty matters. They were best friends.

Years rolled by and they still continued to tease other and fight like children.


He saw her after a gap of few months; her hair was tied up into a messy bun yet again that day with no traces of makeup.

You look beautiful and your hair looks pretty was the first thing he managed to say.

She still couldn’t believe him. She never did.

You still look like potato, she teased.

They later continued talking for a long while that evening.

Both lay on their beds with smiles on their faces, having spoken to each other after months as work took over their lives.

Later that night, she thought to herself,

How can you not see it, Sweets?

How can you not see that both of you have been in love with each other all this while. He had always made it clear. But you never saw it, did you?

For the first time in ages, she found herself to be beautiful as she finally saw it all.

She hugged her pillow tight that night with a broad smile, for she knew, that she wouldn’t need the pillow in the days ahead.

She whispered to herself, “How can you not see it, Sweets?” How did you not see, she said and smiled.

The night had finally turned good and it never seemed any better.

“Good night, love”, she messaged.

“Good night, Sweets”, he replied.

Sweets had always been his way of expressing love.

The end of the conversation became a new beginning.

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