Thought of the day


Be courageous and be strong, but don’t forget it is ok to be weak at times too.

Feel your eyes well up. Cry some more, and crawl into your bed once more, letting the darkness over come you.  Let that darkness engulf you. 

Feel everything. Remember everything. This is the only way you are going to heal. This is the only way you are going to get past this dark cloud. This is the only way you will eventually reach the light.

Remind yourself that grief isn’t linear. Some days you are going to feel like hell. And some days you aren’t even going to think of them. And finally, after many sunsets and sunrises, you will be ok.

Never forget to remind yourself that you will be ok.

Wake up one day and feel the urge to see the sun. Open up your curtains and let the light run across your face. Feel the sun warm up your lungs that have gotten dusty over time. And feel yourself recognize that this world is far too big for this person to be the only one for you. Recognize that this life is far too short to hide from it forever.

And recognize that maybe after all, you are a lot stronger than you ever thought possible.



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