Darkness – a light

You see the sun, see the brightness. But there was a time, when there was no sun. There was no brightness. You see people around you in the brightness. Did you see people around you in the dark? All you ever need is a person who will see the darkness with you. Not just see it, but also be there and feel the darkness you feel.


imagesThe glory of the Sun is beautiful only after you have witnessed the darkness. Every soul who has witnessed a dark night has fought a battle of his own. The night for some may be longer than others, but the fact remains, everyone had a night to surpass. Your battle might leave you with some scratches or scars, but that shouldn’t matter because every human is a conqueror, warrior. Show off your scars to the world as it only shows off your courage and tells the world that you were strong enough to fight and win. You don’t have to hide away from those scars because most often than not, hiding away it an easier option.

Life isn’t designed easy, but it is surely promised beautiful. Beauty lies in every small thing – the Sun, Moon, clouds, rain, butterfly, spider and just everything – significant and the insignificant. And as is said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; therefore, you shall behold the beauty that lies within and beyond. Behold and embrace the night, as the light is just around the corner. Night is just about to end, hold on and hang in there; the view at dawn will be beautiful, just like your journey so far!


Your battle cannot be defined by someone apart from you. For some, talking to a person is battle, for some food is battle, disease is a battle for few, doesn’t mean the person battling with cancer and a person trying to make a new friend can be compared and concluded that the person fighting cancer is fighting a bigger battle. Because in your small world, your small battles matter, maybe not to anyone else but it does matter. Behold the beauty of these battles, as they give you the strength to conquer. The darkness shall vanish and the brightness will be seen, but if one is unwilling to bestow the beauty of the dark night, the charm of the bright day is lost. You define your battles, nobody else does.  You are a conqueror, a winner. Be a proud one.



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