wanderlustOne of the earliest descriptions of humans in history would be ‘nomads’. People since the ancient times have been fond of roaming to different places for various reasons. Nowadays, there is a lot written about travel and the love for it, such that people quit their highly paid jobs and choose to travel across various countries. This sudden recognition towards travel amuses me. Isn’t this an age old concept? Wasn’t it prevalent from the time of Columbus, who travelled all around the world? One cannot actually ignore the need to travel and explore places. I myself am a nomad. I love roaming anywhere and everywhere at any given time. The fascinating thing here being, once you visit a place, no matter how beautiful or charming it is, over a point of time when you keep visiting the place over and over, the charm of it suddenly seems to fade, you are no longer obsessed with the place (of course, few places are an exception). We are always on a hunt to find something new – new place, new people, new experiences, new memories and so on.


There is a never ending desire in us to find a new place and thus the concept of solo trawlers is in trend these days. Why aren’t people happy with the places they have already travelled, why does one have to travel to all possible places? This would be mainly because of human tendency to constantly explore new places and things. It also maybe because of the need to know different cultures and backgrounds or to travel to an exotic place or to get to know a historic place and its importance or the need to just roam all around or also because people want change from the existing job or place, reasons are many, but the desire is one. What does the new offer which the old cannot? Every time you visit a place you already visited, the experience is always going to be different, so you can’t state that the new place offers different experience, because in reality every place will give you a different experience every time. But the thought of visiting a few place is always far more intimidating than visiting an old place.

nomad-1It is said, in order to find yourself, sometimes, you have to get lost. Travelling creates this exact opportunity for a person to get lost, get out there and explore the unknown, it pushes you out of your comfort zone and you find a new you. People travel across different countries or cities, meet new people, discover new cultures and cuisines, they learn more about people and places and ultimately end up learning a lot more about themselves, travelling opens up minds to learning and adaptation, it thereby helps in rejuvenation and recreation. Things like that seldom happen when one is in the same place and maybe that is why people are more inclined towards travelling.


Travelling guarantees fun for sure, but it also offers a better understanding of one-self and allows one to think about a lot of things without much hindrances. It is often said, lust is purer than love and thus people are lustful towards travelling, also this lust for wander has been with mankind since ages and I wish that this lust never ends and people continue to be nomadic in nature.

P.S. Don’t forget to keep the bags packed! 😉

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