Girl Diaries – Prince Charming

We often hear that one day a charming Prince will come on a white horse and marry you. But is that really going to happen? May be, maybe not. But the real question here is, who decides the criteria for a boy to be Prince Charming? Not every boy is a Prince, and not every Prince is charming.


So what defines “The Prince Charming”? Is it that he should have shit loads of money or should be hot looking or he should be extremely talented and intelligent? I don’t know the society’s definition of the Prince Charming, but I surely can give you my definition of one.

Well, first and most obvious of all, he should be a human, gender – male 😉 He should be kind, caring, sweet, compassionate and empathetic – because that’s what every human should be. And of course should be honest, as honesty is the key to keep a relation going, therefore he should be honest about his activities. He should have good communication skills, communication helps one resolve any misunderstandings and also helps one to know the other person better. He must have good sense of humor as humor often bails people out of tough and stingy situations.

I don’t ask him to always be by my side always, but he must be there to support me, bear with me in case of mood swings, support me during downfalls and bring out the best in me. He should be willing to stand through the storm with me and eventually see the light. Since I will be leaving the luxury of my home, I would want him to help me cope up with the sudden change in surroundings, I don’t want him to fight with other people in his family for me, but he should stand by me at times when I am right and when his family is not, he must therefore be rationally prudent to be able to decide who is right and who is not.

Since a girl would any day liked to be flattered, he should compliment me at times, spoil me a bit by giving small gifts and surprises, I don’t say it has to be frequent, but also, it should not be non-existent. He shall respect my parents as much as he respects his own parents, there shall never be an exception to that. He should be a friend – be there in times of need, give honest opinions, talk silly, fight crazy at times, but nevertheless be by my side at the end of the day. Lastly, he should be a bit crazy, because well – pagalpanti bhi zaruri hai 😉

One may think I have a huge list of criteria, but yes, I am selfish enough to never compromise on it, because I will do all of the above for him and so he too shall be able to do all of it for me. The day I find a guy like this, is the day I would have found a Prince who is forever Charming and maybe yes, he will be riding on the white horse.

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