The Settlement

The shaadi season is full on. Every other day you see people getting hitched.

You should “settle down” in life beta is what you are hearing everywhere around you.
How often do come across people and elders telling us to “settle down” once you reach 23-25. Quite often indeed!



Settling down is very closely linked to finding a decent paying job and/ or getting married and having kids.

I beg to differ. I cannot settle down.

“Settled” for me not only means a job or marriage.

There are a lot of things to be settled for me to “settle down”.

I want to settle my thoughts – the constant battle between the past and the future. Where because of the past events, my thoughts don’t agree to the future events. I need to settle the conflict and make peace with it.

I need to settle my health and take proper care of it, so that it takes care of me, when others don’t.

Have to settle with my dreams and passion, love it and nurture it, so that I don’t end up with regrets of not chasing my wild ideas.

Have to snap out of fiction world and stop assuming that everything will work out on its own. Have to thereby settle with my overly imaginative world.

As clichéd as it may sound, need to eventually settle all the alleged epic trips of Goa/ Leh Ladakh which have been postponed for ages now 😉



As young adults our lives is a constant high and low simultaneously. We, therefore need to settle down with ourselves. Get in peace with our own life, before sharing it with someone else. We need to work and excel with our minds before working for someone in an excel sheet.

Falling and getting up is what we can afford now, when there are no commitments. You are only held responsible for yourself and no one else. But you choose to settle down, you in turn are responsible for a whole bunch of other people and events.

Settling down is not only what the society tricks you into believing, it is also the state of your mind, your mental and physical well-being, the working towards achieving your goals and much more. Don’t conform to narrow ideas of settling down and go on the look-out for true love/ prince charming, because most times, the passion within you or towards your goal/ life is much more than the passion for a human.


Go out there and define your moment of “settling down” and don’t just settle with that job in a cubicle or that human if you don’t feel comfortable or belonged there. Find your calling. Listen hard enough and you will eventually hear your life calling to you and don’t forget to shout out to it!!


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