The Small Things

When we sit back and wonder, it’s not the big things we look at. The small, seemingly inconsequential things are the ones that leave a big impact on us, our minds. We cherish that one compliment that made our day, that small act of kindness, that one word of care. The small things almost always build up our large lives.

Despite this, we tend to focus only on large things, we want to go to exotic vacation with our dear ones, want to become super rich and drive in fancy cars.


Lets shift our focus for once on the smaller things – appreciate the drive with your friend on a bus / two wheeler, the honest opinion of a loved one, the small thoughtful act of someone of choosing your favorite ice cream flavor, the stupid yet wonderful effort of a person trying to make you laugh by doing crazy stuff when you are down, etc.

Let’s open our hearts to numerous such small acts of love which we receive on a daily basis, let’s strive to put a smile on someone’s face by doing something small. Go give your colleague a compliment on his new shirt, give a helping hand to the old lady, call a friend and talk non sense.


Let’s acknowledge the small gestures right away instead of keeping it as an after-thought. Give and receive love in its various forms, for love is not only rose petals and heart shaped balloons. Let’s spread small smiles and happiness in its small form, because at the end of the day, small things are the ones that matter. 🙂


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