Hack of the day

Hello pals!!

Today I am going to introduce you to a quiet lesser known fact amongst us, which is pretty much useful in our mundane life.

Every person must be aware of the hardware connectivity in our laptops. The slots where the hardware components are connected, are used more frequently, except some.

See the below figure: 

Have you observed this slot on your laptops?? Yes?? Any idea for what is it used?? 

Let me humour you about it. It’s know as the Kensington Security Slot is an anti-theft system that allows us to attach our laptop to any immovable object using certain hardware accessories such as the Kensington lock.

These locks have a cylindrical anchor attached to a long metal cable.This cylindrical anchor is connected to the slot using a number combination and the other end of the cable can be connected to any immovable object.

The thief will neither be able to cut the metal cable nor try to break the lock as it would damage the laptop and he wouldn’t be able to resell it.
So, the next time while going to any public place, you can leave behind the laptop freely without the fear of losing it.

#Freedom from theft 😉 #FFT


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