Her first gentle touch was filled with an un-imaginable love and affection. With her first hold, it was decided, I Love you and I will always be there for you. And with those unsaid words the baby opens its life to welcome her and she embraces the life of the new born.The tear drop that fell on the kid was an expression of abundance love and affection. 
Now right from that day to the kid turning into a masculine adult, her affection never changes. She clings to behold the same feeling in every stage of life and in every state of your life. We make choices based on our desires and she makes the best choices that you never could imagine to desire. She kissed you when you were small and now she doesn’t because she knows more than you know that you’re a grown up and it offends you, but she never minds if you kissed her anytime and anywhere. You try to make her look a bit classy to be taken out with you, and she mostly humiliates you, but she tries hard to adjust in the “Not for her” zone just to make you feel comfortable going around with her. What if she had behaved the same when you once had a running nose and cough while she had to carry you in her arms wiping your shabby nose? You know very well she’d never do that to you, because she promised you on the very first day of your life that, she’ll be there with you forever. Trust me she is the only person who has been there with you right from your first breath, but might not last till your last breath.


We all do love our mom and I being specific about boys who stay away from their mom’s have some sharable talks that every guy might have once walked down those lanes.


We do a lot of things in life which we know are against our parents will, and we usually are reminded by our inner conscience that this is wrong. Have we ever wondered where does this inner conscience come from? We develop this inner conscience based on those baby thoughts that were once fed by her into your brains. When you once came across a man smoking, she immediately illustrated you that, never in your life should you have that stuff; it makes you a wicked person. I know today you have become matured enough to decide that Smoking is injurious to health or fun for living, but she did warn you once and that seed was planted by her deep inside you. 
We like to surprise our girlfriend by showing up on her doorstep when she is feeling low, and we feel so proud when she admits that she was expecting you so badly. Can we just for once imagine the same thing with our mom? Showing up on the doorstep exactly when she is “Really feeling low because of your absence”. You know the reaction, it might not go as sweet as your girlfriend’s reception but you can’t calculate the amount of happiness that she is unable to express. Just think over it and you can see her smiling. 
We’ve never tried to talk to her about how she feels like being away from her son. We always keep saying that I am all fine and fail to ask, how is she? The mother who once had promised her son that she’ll never leave him alone, can never be imagined by you that what amount of pains does she go through when she does not hear your voice for a single day. But all we do care is about texting Good Night take care to our girlfriend. If you ever want to feel the magic, just call your mom and say her some good words and text her Good Night, you know where did the magic happen? It happened to her. She is smiling and might see your text several times. The film she will see that night in her dreams, you earned that dream. She makes sure that you wake up early and really have a wonderful day. Just a small effort of yours can make her day beautiful and we fail to dedicate that to her daily. Let’s not forget the immense pains that she took to bring you up, instead let’s prove that her pains are all being counted and valued. 
Life is too short to love your mother back, give her the message that you are the luckiest son to have her, and you really are. Today if you are reading this and remembering your mother, then I respect her love and your feelings for her. 
#Mom loves only you and expects nothing out of it, isn’t that called TRUE LOVE?


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