DAD the silent superhero <3

We have watched many superhero movies with an awe inspiring qualities in them that woo you and makes you feel that against all the odds one has to face, is an inevitable happy ending waiting on the other end, and that is your superhero. 

Last Friday, an official Hindi remake of a very successful Malayalam movie Drishyam (Visuals can be deceptive) released with the same title as well, and it is no doubt a wonderful story with a bottom line, “The Family comes first.” It gives such a solace to the audience, after the movie walks you through the grim society and its ill and inevitable doings that one has to face, but how at the end its your Father who stands against all the odds to see you smiling happily when he unbolts the door to his home after his work. 

Films have always left a strong impression on our minds and we literally believe in the things with an unshakable faith, if watched it in cinema. If cinema has this power to make a mind turn into its favor without calculating the math behind it, then I always wonder why did not these cinema choose a Father always to be the Superhero, which would have always made sense outside the fiction world. You can fall in love with a girl and start secretly browsing her pics in locked space, but not see your father as a real superhero who does things in real, which you can go boasting about all day. He leaves no stones unturned to make you and your family come out of the situation that makes you sad. 
If were these films outlining a father as real superhero, just imagine like what would be the talk of the town. How a kid when sees a nightmare and proudly describes his friends that his father tore that monster into pieces and at last bought him a toy car. How a kid would look at his father when he is back home after his work. How would a kid console his worried mother saying his father is going to get her out of the problem that is bothering her. How the kid would sleep in solace that his father is there to guard his sleep and no nightmare or anything can disturb him. 
I sometimes really wonder why the ideal person like him is never projected as a hero. This would have worked on the other side of the story too, like the father would never dare to do a wrong, because it wouldn’t make him a superhero and this would be a real bad thing for him. 
Today we come across many Old age homes giving shelter to n number of superheroes which once had protected one against anything and everything, but now has no one to even look after. Its a terrible truth. 
I conclude my thought with an advice, if you believe that your father is your superhero, then just do one thing that you have always seen in the cinema, respect him and give him your love, and make him realize that he is your Superhero..<3


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